Build words and expand your vocabulary.


Word building is an easy way to improve your vocabulary. If you know one word, for example “time”, you can then build “timer” and “timely”. If you know “write” you can build “writer” and “writable”. And if you know “know” your can make “knowledge” and “knowledgeable”! You have just expanded your vocabulary with very little effort!


English is a flexible language and most words can become verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns or agent nouns by adding a suffix such as -able, -ly, -ment, -ful and many others. I have highlighted two agent nouns in the accompanying image.


Therefore, invest some time learning how to transform words. For example, when you see a new term ask your teacher: “Is there a verb for sale?” or “What’s the noun for deliver?” Your vocabulary will grow fast. Just make a chart like the one on the image and add new words to every possible column.


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