Improve your English by memorising the words you think are important—especially those related to your job.

Memorise all key words connected with your profession. You will not have time to look for them when needed and could project the wrong image when you can’t remember them. If you’re an accountant you will need to explain a budget; if you’re inviting an American client to a seafood lunch you must know the ingredients in a paella.

Marta, who worked at a building company and studied with me a few years ago, had excellent grammar and good general vocabulary. However, after a presentation in New York she came back saying it had been a failure. She had found it very hard to explain details to her prospective clients when they asked questions. In fact, her clients thought the problem was not her vocabulary but her technical know-how, because she hesitated and seemed indecisive in her answers.

Marta’s studio lost the contract but Marta learnt a lesson—she memorised the three hundred more common words in architecture and can now reply to almost any question.

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