English for Business offer in-house language lessons for our students. How to profit from them?

  • Stop work ten minutes before and go for a walk to let your mind drift from working to learning mode.
  • Turn your phone off and don’t let anyone interrupt your class.
  • Don’t economise on material. If the teacher suggests joining an online platform or buying a book go ahead. You always need something to study outside class.
  • If the lessons are online do not work while the teacher talks!
  • Don’t insist on mixing people of different levels in one group. It’s a recipe for disaster.
  • Ask for exams. It’s very easy to get lost when there is no definite syllabus or deadline.
  • Buy a notebook and keep a vocabulary list. You won’t remember what you don’t write and study.
  • When lessons start you are no longer the boss so forget about controlling everything. Listen to your teachers and do what they tell you.

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