Most academies and teachers can test students’ levels of English but certified exams offer independent results.

Well-known tests

  • Cambridge University Tests are recognised all over the world and are globally acknowledged for their reliability and credibility. Learn more:  Cambridge English Tests
  • IELTS exams are managed by an organisation that belongs partly to the British Council. IELTS  exams include both Academic and General Training versions. Learn more: IELTS Official Website
  • TOEFL tests are widely embraced in the US and Canada. Choose between the Paper Based TOEFL (pBT) or the Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) to suit your preferences. Learn more: TOEFL Official Website

Which one to chose?

If you need a diploma for your CV go for the Cambridge University Tests as most interviewers will recognise the certificates. Looking for a comprehensive evaluation? IELTS assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking, with results acknowledged by numerous authorities. Planning for higher education in North America? TOEFL is widely accepted by universities in the US and Canada.